HUE HD Portable USB Camera (Red)

Price: $49.95
(as of Nov 02,2019 10:48:44 UTC – Details)

Product Description


The HUE HD USB camera is a cost-effective alternative to a standard classroom document camera or visualiser. Easy to use and portable, this camera is popular with teachers and students throughout the world. Perfect for classroom, office or personal use.

By connecting your HUE HD camera to your computer and a projector you can share students’ work, books, experiments and pictures.

The camera is ‘plug and play’ and compatible with most video conferencing, streaming and web-casting software e.g. Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Twitch etc.

Note: The camera is compatible with most third party video software in Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux distributions with UVC support.


Use the HUE HD camera for:

Live streaming
Recording video
Projecting to a whiteboard
Online tutoring
Video conferencing
Filming a class or demonstration

HUE HD red


A lightweight, portable document camera
Built-in USB microphone
Flexible neck with full 360 degree rotation
Manual focus; camera can be moved and refocused for close-ups
Native resolution of 1280×720 (720p)
UVC compatible
Available in a choice of colours


System Requirements

PC: Windows 10 recommended (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP compatible)
Mac: macOS 10.12+ recommended (Mac OS X 10.4.3+ compatible)
Other: ChromeOS, or Linux distributions with UVC support
Powered USB port (USB 2.0 recommended, USB 3.0/1.1 compatible)


Package Contents

HUE HD camera
Camera base
USB to mini-USB cable

Maximum image capture


A4/US Letter

HUE Intuition software

Not included

Camera height

350 mm

440 mm

LED lights

Not included

Built-in microphone

Manual focus

Plug and Play

FLEXIBLE: Unique, easy-to-use innovatively-designed USB camera with a built-in microphone.
PORTABLE: Widely used as a lightweight classroom document camera / visualiser in conjunction with a whiteboard.
VERSATILE: Perfect for taking pictures, recording videos, videoconferencing, live streaming, creating time-lapse films or stop-motion movies (software not included).
PLUG AND PLAY: Simply connect the camera to your computer’s USB port and it’s ready to use. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS (please see System Requirements below for details).
COMPARE: Choose your perfect HUE camera using the comparison chart below.

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