Homy Anti Blue Light Screen Protector Kit [2-Pack] for MacBook Pro 13 inch 2016-2017-2018-2019. Bonus: thinnest Keyboard Cover, Web Camera Cover. Eye Protection for A1706 A1989 A2159 Touch Bar A1708

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Product Description


ULTIMATE BLUE LIGHT AND RADIATION Protection Pack for MacBook Pro 13-inch!

Protect yourself against Blue Light, which is very similar to UV light: comprised of very high energy and a low wavelength. The computer is one of a daily electronic device which gives off large quantities of blue light. Studies suggest that continued exposure to blue light over time could lead to damaged retinal cells. This can cause vision problems like age-related macular degeneration. The computer is one of an electronic device which gives off large quantities of blue light. It’s believed to cause eye fatigue/myopia, blurred vision, also making your skin produce chloasma, freckle, difficult to fall asleep, may cause retinal damage after cataract surgery, visual fatigue caused by VDT syndrome.


Blue light comes from everywhere around us. It’s not only the monitors, or the smartphones, or the tablets around us. Almost all artificial light sources today generate much more than the recommended amount of blue light. All energy saving products, all LED light bulbs, and screens have a negative impact on our vision and wellbeing. Years ago when we had only the standard Incandescent light bulbs things were good, because the light emitted from this lightbulbs is with color temperature around 2800K. Things were even better when people used only candles which have color temperature around 1800K. Basically, the lower the color temperature the less blue light the light source emits. Less color temperature is close to the natural fire found in around us for millions of years. In contrast, LED light bulbs and monitors both emit around 6500K. The sky emits more blue light, but the difference is that it’s full spectrum sunlight and this is beneficial for us. So the problem is not exactly that we get too much blue light. The problem is actually that we get too little of the other light and especially red light. Avoid light at night. If you can’t avoid all light try to avoid blue light.



Sleep is one part of the problem with blue light.
The bigger problem is actually that blue light enters deep into our eyes and it’s high energy light.
You may know that the UV light is really bad for our eyes, but the blue light is also a big problem.
We have substance in the skin, hair and eyes called Melanin that absorbs UV light, but blue-violet light continues it’s path to the macula of our eyes. This, in the long run, causes macular degeneration.






keybaord protector a1706

keybaord protector a1706


The glossy have a greater contrast ratio and color spectrum just on the surface. Will perform as normal but will gain a little glare depending on positioning of the screen to where the light source is.


The matte finish has its own color sort of a blackish Grey when you turn the back light off. The matte will not reflect light because it absorbs it.


Our Ultra-Thin MacBook Air Keyboard cover is made of premium engineering grade TPU. Unlike silicone, which can stretch out over time, TPU holds its shape and form. It is ultra-thin, completely transparent, and clings securely to your keyboard.


Protect your privacy with webcam covers! A width of only 0.026” enables these covers to block webcam while allowing your laptop to close.

screen protectorscreen protector


Choose matte screen protector if you:

– Don’t clean your screen frequently

– Want to reduce eye-strain

– Need high protection for your screen

Choose glossy screen protector if you:

– Mostly use your device indoors

– Want high image resolution

touch bartouch bar


This product set compatible with 13 inch MacBook Pro 2016-2019 ONLY!

A1706 Touch bar
A1708 No touch bar
A1990 Touch bar


⤴️ BLOCK 90% OF NEGATIVE BLUE LIGHT AND RADIATION — greatly cuts the amount of blue light emitted from LCD screens, reducing the burden on your eyes. You can actually feel the strain lifted from your eyes. Employs the latest technology to cut blue light without sacrificing the beauty of your screen.
2️⃣ TWO ULTRA THIN AND HIGH CLARITY SCREEN PROTECTORS – more than95% light penetration ratio, preserves the original viewing quality with 0.15mm thickness. Perfect for everyone. Also invisible screen protection, does not distort the color and brightness of the display.
📦 FREE GIFT! FREE GIFTS: excellent keyboard cover made of ultra-thin 0.12 mm clear TPU material, completely washable and reusable. Webcam Anti-Spy Sliding Cover ( protect your privacy from any hackers!). Regular price of these items – more than $20 to buy separately!
🙈 EASY INSTALLATION AND ON / OFF – Newest bubble adsorption design can remove all small bubbles. The cleaning cloth, the wet wipe and the dust removal sticker prevent dust from staying on the screen, making it an easy and bubble free application, even if bubbles are produced, lift the filter and re-apply. Follow the included APPLICATION STEPS/TIPS and you will get the perfect effect.
❗ ANY ISSUES – WE WILL SOLVE IT! We makes sure you get the best quality from Anti Blue Light Screen Protector Kit to our customer service . We are ready to help you 24 hours a day. Any questions? – please, feel free to contact us! BEWARE OF FAKES!

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